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Air & Cylinder Services

cylindersAt Loch Fyne Dive Charters we have two compressors offering air and enriched air nitrox fills. All our air is double filtered and is tested regularly so you can be sure you'll always get a fill of the highest quality.

For nitrox fills we have a blending system using a booster pump. For rebreather divers, air diluent and high pressure oxygen are also available.

PLEASE NOTE - In order to purchase enriched air nitrox fills, your cylinders must have been oxygen cleaned within the last 12 months. You must also present a training certification card appropriate for the required gas, if in doubt, call us.

Cylinder Testing

Check our certification at the IDEST websiteWe are certified by the Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing (IDEST) Test Station No 6A/1 enabling us to undertake cylinder testing to BS EN 1802/1968:2002

We offer a quick and efficient service to our customers, with a most cylinders being tested in under a week. If you are diving with us we will supply you with a cylinder for the weekend, get your cylinder tested and back to you by the end of the weekend.

A price list for our cylinder services is below.

Visual Test £30 (including a valve service and air fill)
Hydraulic Test £35 (including a valve service and air fill)
Internal blast clean £20  
Replacement valve £40  
Valve service £7 + parts  
O2 clean £25  

Regulator Servicing

We are able to supply and service Apex and Cressie regulators and offer competitive prices and prompt service.


We can supply bespoke high pressure hoses for compressors.