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A relaxing tea break in the tranquil waters of Loch Fyne

Unwind and relax with Loch Fyne Dive Charters

Loch Fyne has stunning and unspoilt dive sites suitable for all interests and experience levels.

Our dive sites include pinnacles, drift dives, wrecks and reefs, in a range of depths from ~10m to 50m+

There is abundant marine life, giving plenty of scope for keen underwater photographers.

Watching you watching us! Seals lazing on the rocks.The sheltered waters of Loch Fyne mean there are usually good diving conditions and vis all year round.

Dolphins and basking sharks visit the area.

Seals are often found lazing around the rocks.

Lobster on The Minards

The Minards, being situated in the middle of Loch Fyne, where there is the most movement of water, have good visibility and the animal life is colourful and bright.

Plumrose anemoneThese cliff walls are scrubbed clean of silt and the marine life is superb.

Further south from Kenmore Point is Stallion Rock.

Sea anemone at Stallion Rock This is a single rock that rises from the seabed 30m below.

This vertical and overhanging rock is covered in sea squirts, anemones and sponges.

On the eastern side of the Loch a rocky pinnacle rises close to the surface.

We have called this The Garden due to the colonies of massive plumose anemones.

They are easily more than half a metre tall, vast pillars of orange and white forming a forest over the top of the reef.


There are also many different types of fish and other underwater specimens to be seen at Loch Fyne, you can see pictures of some which have been taken by divers on our charters here: