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To the north of Tarbert is Barmore Island.

This is where the remains of the SS Arran 111 can be found well broken up on a sandy bottom.

The wreck attracts lots of marine life and fish. You can also watch out for Curly the resident conger who is often found lurking under the metal plates.

The wreck of the Margaret Niven also lies close to Barmore Island;

this wreck is an interesting dive with much of the ship’s structure, including the one cylinder engine, easily seen.

The paddle steamer LapwingTo the south of Tarbert lies the wreck of another Clyde Puffer, the Moonlight. This wreck is largely intact.

For the dedicated diver the wreck of the paddle steamer Lapwing off Campbeltown is a super dive with lots to see in super visibility, as the pictures below illustrate.

The paddle steamer Lapwing The paddle steamer Lapwing